• Unless unreasonable for the endpoint, a JSON result will be provided including SDCERR and InfoMsg elements, as well as applicable data

New endpoints

Bluetooth / Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

  • bluetooth - interact with controllers
    • get controller(s) state
  • bluetooth/controller[n] - interact with specific controller n
    • get/set specific controller state
    • start/stop TCP server for BLE discovery
  • bluetooth/controller[n]/[device_address] - interact with specific device
    • get/set device properties
    • start/stop TCP server for BT/BLE device
    • connect/disconnect/read/write/notify BLE device

Endpoint changes

  • accesspoints - added InfoMsg and count elements

  • awm (WiFi Geo-location Scanning) - InfoMsg element added
    Both GET and PUT now return geolocation_scanning_enable element

  • connection - added InfoMsg element

  • connections - added InfoMsg element; added count element

  • datetime - list of timezones now sorted; Method now returned as string auto/manual; InfoMsg element added

  • definitions endpoint modified to include SDCERR and InfoMsg. Moved earlier output under ‘Definitions’ section in JSON

  • factoryReset - InfoMsg element added

  • file - InfoMsg element added

  • files - Output changed to JSON object with SDCERR, InfoMsg, files and count elements. files element contains array of files

  • fips - InfoMsg element added

  • firmware - block mode - InfoMsg element added

  • firmware - image pull mode - InfoMsg element added

  • logData - Output changed to JSON object with SDCERR, InfoMsg, count, and log elements. The Log element contains an array of <count> log entries consisting of time, priority, identifier, and message entries.

  • login - POST - added InfoMsg element

  • login - DELETE - now returns a JSON object

  • logSetting - GET JSON object with SDCERR, InfoMsg, suppDebugLevel, and DriverDebugLevel elements
    - PUT - InfoMsg element added

  • networkInterfaces - Output changed to JSON object with SDCERR, InfoMsg and interfaces elements; interfaces JSON element contains the interfaces array

  • networkStatus - added InfoMsg element

  • positioning - TBD

  • positioningSwitch -TBD

  • reboot - SDCERR and InfoMsg elements added

  • users - added InfoMsg element

  • version - InfoMsg element added
    radio_stack element added
    driver_version changed to driver_vermagic