Canvas Sensor

Within the Canvas Device Manager system, end node devices (e.g., wireless sensors) are manageable through nearby gateway devices (via LwM2M). The example below shows a Laird Connectivity Sentrius MG100 cellular gateway configured to manage a set of Sentrius BT510 and Sentrius BT610 devices in a cold chain monitoring application. Image

Canvas Sensor Firmware

The Canvas Sensor Firmware implements both device management (LwM2M) and telemetry (BLE Ads) capabilities allowing easy deployment and management of compatible wireless sensor networks with a few simple configuration steps. When operating on a compatible sensor device (e.g. Sentrius BT610), this firmware includes compatibility with Canvas-enabled gateways and can be extended to support additional hardware peripherals and sensors using its Zephyr RTOS based build environment.

Download and Build the Firmware

The Canvas BT610 Firmware is open source and can be used to build custom applications. Go here for instruction on downloading and building the firmware.