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Canvas™ Device Manager

Canvas Device Manager (DM) is an IoT device management system combining Laird Connectivity’s IoT hardware products with enabling protocols and key partner cloud services. Compatible products support factory provisioning, embedded device firmware and web services providing a complete remote device management solution. IoT service providers benefit from a wide range of remote connectivity monitoring, software update, configuration and diagnostic features for fielded devices. Canvas Device Manager empowers operators to scale up their IoT device networks.

Canvas Device Manager Overview


  • Remote Service Credentials provisioned during manufacturing. Private keys never leave the device. Managed devices from first power on.

  • Application Firmware directs telemetry to the cloud service of your choice. Remote access to application update, configuration and device system logs.

  • EdgeIQ DeviceOps Platform provides a API access to cloud applications for software updates, device health monitoring and more.

  • Memfault Integration provides powerful diagnostic and runtime metrics supporting ongoing firmware maintenance of deployed devices.

  • Web and Mobile Apps provide easy onboarding workflow and comprehensive device management UI for access to device management operations.

Canvas Device Manager Features

Canvas Device Manager reduces IoT deployment complexity and empowers remote device operations.


  • Factory provisioning eases deployment and ensures consistency.
  • Remote software update saves time and costly on-site truck rolls to add enhancements or patch bugs on deployed devices.
  • With remote configuration, IoT operators can modify device behavior ensuring best performance based on its specific operating environment.
  • Health monitoring features ensure operators know at a glance which devices need attention.
  • Metrics, crash logs and system logs are all available to aid diagnostic troubleshooting providing invaluable details when detective work is needed to track down unexpected device behavior.
  • Easily configure endpoint URL and credentials for your telemetry service without physically touching the device.
  • Remote IoT device management provides unmatched scalability.

Understanding how Canvas DM fits into the IoT Network Ecosystem


Canvas DM firmware resides in IoT gateways and sensors providing remote access to device management operations via the LwM2M protocol. LwM2M Objects and Resources are defined by the OMA LightweightM2M (LwM2M) Object and Resource Registry, specifying the schema for available remote management interactions with a device and associated data.


LightweightM2M Protocol

Canvas DM products are pre-provisioned and configured to connect to a remote device management service (e.g., EdgeIQ) via the LwM2M protocol. The device management service makes requests to read/write/execute Resources on LwM2M Objects implemented by each device. For more detailed technical information about the features of LwM2M, see OMA LwM2M for Developers which links to many useful resources explaining how LwM2M empowers device management workflows.

Examples of LwM2M objects implemented by an IoT Gateway

Examples of LwM2M objects implemented by IoT Sensors


Technology Standards

Canvas DM products build on open protocols whenever possible aligning development, integration and maintenance of products with industry standards. From security features to protocols and RTOS support, Canvas DM enables products to evolve and scale with the changing needs of IoT device applications.

Some examples of open standards Canvas DM builds upon include:

  • Built-in EC keys and on-device Certificate Signing Request generation
  • X.509 Certificate-based authentication for device-to-cloud connections (telemetry)
  • X.509 Certificate-based authentication for device-to-sensor applications (when supported by sensor)
  • Device Management operations via Open Mobile Alliance LwM2M and CoAP protocols
  • Telemetry payload support for MQTT and LwM2M protocols
  • Built upon well established Open-Source Operating Systems (Linux OS, Zephyr RTOS)


For Developers

Developers interested in building their own firmware applications on Canvas-enabled Laird Connectivity sensors and gateways can refer to the individual documents below focused on each supported product.

Canvas Gateway

See Canvas Gateway Introduction for more details on how to get started with Canvas Gateway firmware.

Canvas Sensor

See Canvas Sensor Introduction for more details on how to get started with Canvas Sensor firmware.