EdgeIQ – Create Device(s)

Every EdgeIQ account is made of Devices and Users who can access or manage said Devices. This documentation will guide you through creating a device in EdgeIQ manually and creating multiple devices via a CSV file.

Prior to creating a device, you may provision your IG60 gateway (or other supported device) and have it connected to the internet so that when the device creation process is complete the gateway will check in immediately and become manageable. If you do not do this ahead of time you will be reminded to do so in the Next Steps section at the end of this document.

Creating a Single Device (+Create Device)

Once you are logged into your EdgeIQ account locate the “Devices” icon near the middle of the sidebar. This will bring you to a page that contains all devices you have access to as a User. Click on “+ Create Device” in the toolbar across the middle of the page to create a new device.

Create Device

Basic Device Information

A modal popup will appear that allows you to progress through the steps of creating a device. The first of these steps being Basic Device Information. Fill out the following categories and click the “Next” button.

  • Name
    • This is the short hand name the device will appear as in EdgeIQ.
  • Unique ID
    • A unique ID for your gateway. Laird recommends using the Eth1 MAC address. That MAC address is the same as Eth0 MAC with the final digit incremented by 1.
    • NOTE: This unique ID should be all lowercase.
  • Serial Number
    • You may assign a serial number to your gateways if applicable to your use case.
  • Account
    • Typically, as a customer of Laird you will only have access to one account. In that case it will be auto populated here.

Basic Device Info

Device Configuration

On this page you will configure the device type and set up logging levels. When you have completed this click the “Next” button.

  • Device Type
    • At the time of this documentation the LCI Sentrius IG60 is the only device type supported by Laird on EdgeIQ.
  • Device Integration
    • N/A currently.
  • Local Logs
    • The logging level for logs kept local to the device or gateway.
  • Forwarded Logs
    • The logging level for logs that are forwarded onto the EdgeIQ platform.

Device Configuration

Extra Device Information

On this page of the Create Device modal you’ll have the opportunity to set up tags, location, and the heartbeat messaging. See below for more details.

  • Tags
    • You can create new tags or assign existing ones here. These tags will allow you to easily filter for and manage your devices later in EdgeIQ.
  • Location
    • You may assign a physical location to the device or gateway. This can be a street address, a state or country, or even a proprietary naming system such as 3rd floor.
  • Generate a Heartbeat Report
    • Here you can set up what data points are returned in the regularly scheduled heartbeat report. Additionally, you can configure how often heartbeat occurs. By default the time is in hours, but those units can be changed by clicking the three dot menu button.

Extra Device Information

Device Relations

On this page you may create relationships between your device (if it as a gateway) and endpoint devices in your account. Currently this feature is not usable since there you are only able to enroll IG60 gateway devices. Please stay tuned for a future update regarding this feature.

Device Relations


On this final page of the modal, you can click through and review every setting that you entered for this device you are creating. If you are satisfied with your entries go ahead and click “Create Device”. This will complete the “Create Device” process and take you to this specific device’s page in EdgeIQ. Note that it may take a small amount of time for your device to check in, appear online, and start reporting information. In this case you may have to refresh the tab within EdgeIQ or refresh the entire web page.

Device Review

New Device Overview

Creating Multiple Devices (CSV Upload)

CSV – Upload Devices Modal

Here you can upload a CSV file with details about multiple devices so that EdgeIQ can automatically bulk create these devices for you. This saves you time as you will not have to manually create the devices one by one. Please click the “CSV Upload Documentation” in the popup modal for more information on how to configure your CSV file. You can also select “Download Example File” to compare your CSV against a known working example.

Once you have uploaded the CSV file click the “Submit” button to create all your devices.

CSV Bulk Upload

Next Steps

If you did not provision your IG60 gateway (or other supported device) and connect it to the internet as outlined at the beginning of this document, then you will need to do so now. Once the gateway is connected to the internet it will attempt to check in with EdgeIQ. When it does it will show a green ‘online’ status in EdgeIQ. The device is now manageable.