Flashing Canvas firmware to MG100 with default firmware

Our latest Canvas device management firmware is open source and available on our Github. It can be used without being managed by Canvas, and integrates both LWM2M and MQTT support in the same firmware package.

The following guide contains instructions for how to flash the MG100 from its default firmware to Canvas DM enabled firmware.

If you would like your device to utilize the Canvas DM web UI (based on EdgeIQ) please visit us at https://www.lairdconnect.com/contact.


Hardware Configuration

  • Remove the 4 screws from the back side of the MG100.
  • Remove the top clamshell, disconnect the NFC antenna, and place the screws in the top clamshell for safe keeping.
  • Using the pins on the Tag-Connect cable, align and then attach the cable over J5 on the MG100.
  • Attach the other end of the cable to the “Debug” header on the USB-SWD.
  • Set “sense supply” switch to “out”, and tty voltage switch to “1.8v”.
    Caution: setting this switch to 3.3v can damage the board

Software Configuration

Flashing Firmware:

With pyocd and the firmware installed on your workstation, switch the gateway power switch to the ON position, open a terminal, and execute the following command:

pyocd flash <path_to_hex> -e chip -t nrf52840

for example:

pyocd flash 480-00043-R1.1.0.1676051627_mqtt_0cc2acd8_-mg100-_full_image.hex -e chip -t nrf52840


With the flashing process completed, connect to the UART of the MG100 using your prefered terminal emulator. Run the command “attr show” for details of the device’s status.