The Summit SOM 8M Plus supports a number of interfaces for communicating with the onboard NXP 88W8997 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth radio, and the configuration can be set using the table below:

Description Radio Mode Parameter Value
PCIe and UART (default) pcie-uart
SDIO and UART sdio-uart
SDIO and UART (Stop upon shutdown) sdio-uart-stop
SDIO and UART (Suspend upon shutdown) sdio-uart-susp
SDIO and SDIO sdio-sdio

In order to change the current radio interface configuration, use the following command at the Linux command prompt replacing radio_mode with the parameter value listed above that matches the desired interface configuration:

set-radio-mode radio_mode

After the set-radio-mode command, the board will automatically reboot back to Linux utilizing the new configuration.