To set up your IG60-BL654, complete the following steps.

  1. Connect the two dipole antennas included with the IG60-BL654 to the WLAN1 and WLAN2 ports.
  2. Connect the third included dipole antenna to the BT port.
  3. If you’re connecting over ethernet, connect the ethernet cable to the LAN1 port.
  4. Connect your regional power plug adapter to the DC adapter included with the IG60-BL654.
    • The plug adapter slides into the back of the DC adapter over the two exposed spring pins, and the plastic tabs at the bottom of the adapter slide into the housing of the DC adapter box.
  5. Plug the DC adapter into your DC outlet, and the other end of the DC adapter into the DC power port of the IG60-BL654.

As the IG60-BL654 boots, the LEDs go through several stages. The IG60-BL654 is discoverable by the Sentrius Connect app when the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth LED (depending on your hardware model) begins alternating green and yellow. This is an indication that the device is in Bluetooth configuration mode.

If your signal LED does not alternate green and yellow, you may need to place the device into configuration mode. To do so, use a paperclip or similar small instrument to depress the Reset button on the back (mounting side) of the IG60-BL654, shown below for less than 5 seconds. If you depress the button for longer than 5 seconds it will factory reset the device.

Reset Device

The next page in this guide will explain how to use the mobile app to provision your gateway device, in this case an IG60-BL654.