• A Sentrius™ IG60-BL654 - Greengrass Build
  • 3x dipole antennas (comes with IG60-BL654)
  • AC Power supply (comes with IG60-BL654)


  • One or more BT610 sensors.
  • Some type of sensor/cable assembly to plug into the BT610.

Mobile App

You’ll need the following apps on your mobile device.

  • IG Connect app
    • Get it on Google Play
    • Download on the App Store
  • BT610 app
    • Get it on Google Play
    • Download on the App Store

Network Ports

It is possible that your network and firewall may prevent some outgoing connections to AWS IoT Greengrass and subsequently Laird’s Bluegrass Demo instance. Please make sure these ports are open for outgoing connections.

  • 443
  • 8443 (outbound, HTTPS)
  • 8883 (outbound, MQTT)

You an use a website called Port Quiz to test if these ports are open. If the page does not open or fails to load then you’ll need to open these ports yourself or request your IT department to open them for you.

Bluegrass account

For this demo you’ll be using Laird’s Bluegrass demo platform which is built on top of AWS. This Bluegrass platform provides a web interface to manage your devices and to visualize your sensor data that is being sent up to the cloud via the gateway.

In the next page of this guide you’ll create a Bluegrass account and register your gateway device.