This quick start guide is meant to be used with Laird Connectivity’s Sentrius™ IG60-BL654 + BT610 IoT Starter Kit or the hardware therein. This kit is useful for prototyping IoT applications such as such as HVAC monitoring, three-phase AC current sensing, tank monitoring solutions, and more. Gather data from the BT610 sensors and aggreate it with the IG60-BL654 before sending it up to the cloud via Amazon IoT Greengrass.

This demo kit contains the following hardware

  • 1x Sentrius IG60-BL654 Wireless IoT Gateway with global power supplies
  • 1x Sentrius BT610
  • Global AC and DC power adapters

This demo kit will be used with the following software

  • Laird Connectivity’s free AWS-based IoT monitoring platform called Bluegrass.
  • Sentrius IG Connect app - iOS and Android mobile app for fast, in-field provisioning.
  • BT610 app - iOS and Android mobile app for configuration and updating.

This quick start guide will help you do the following

  • Create a Bluegrass demo account.
  • Register and provision your IG60-BL654 gateway to your Bluegrass account.
  • Visualize your BT610 sensor data in the cloud.

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On the next page of this guide we will go over the hardware and software required to complete this quick start demo.