The CT application allows certain parameters to be updated using SMP over BLE or SMP over serial console.


Path Description
/nv/aws_topic_prefix.txt The prefix used in generation of the AWS topic
/nv/ble_network_id.txt The network ID used in BLE advertisements (Contact Tracing Format)
/nv/mqtt/client_id.txt The Client ID used to connect to AWS.
/nv/mqtt/endpoint.txt The AWS endpoint.
/nv/mqtt/root_ca.pem.crt Root Certificate
/nv/mqtt/certificate.pem.crt Client Certificate
/nv/mqtt/private.pem.key Private Key
/nv/mqtt/save_clear.txt Save (1) / Clear (0) Certificates
/nv/aes_key.bin AES Key used for communications between gateway and CT devices

Example of Setting Certificates

Details about mcumgr and generating certificates can be found here.

mcumgr fs upload clear.txt /nv/mqtt/save_clear.txt -c ct
mcumgr fs upload AmazonRootCA1.pem /nv/mqtt/root_ca.pem.crt -c ct
mcumgr fs upload eadb344c02-certificate.pem.crt /nv/mqtt/certificate.pem.crt -c ct
mcumgr fs upload eadb344c02-private.pem.key /nv/mqtt/private.pem.key -c ct
mcumgr fs upload test_endpoint.txt /nv/mqtt/endpoint.txt -c ct
mcumgr fs upload topic_prefix.txt /nv/aws_topic_prefix.txt -c ct
mcumgr fs upload save.txt /nv/mqtt/save_clear.txt -c ct
mcumgr reset -c ct

The content of the file “clear.txt” is 0. The content of the file “save.txt” is 1.