Cellular Network Information (Pinnacle 100/MG100 only)

There are multiple commands that can be issued from the shell to get cellular information.

Site Survey Command

Enter the command in the shell.

hl survey

This instructs the modem to scan. Each scan may return different results. Be patient, the response can take minutes.

When successful, the response will be similar to this:

EARFCN: 5110
Cell Id: 175
RSRP: -94
RSRQ: -9
EARFCN: 5110
Cell Id: 6
RSRP: -102
RSRQ: -17
survey status: 0

A status of 0 indicates that the command succeeded. Any other value is a failure. This information can be shared with your cellular provider when troubleshooting connectivity issues.


The operator of the network can be found by issuing a command at the shell.

uart:~$ hl cmd 1 at+cops?

The modem will respond with data formatted as follows.

<dbg> modem_hl7800.send_at_cmd: OUT: [at+cops?]
<dbg> modem_hl7800.hl7800_rx: HANDLE +COPS:  (len:12)
<inf> modem_hl7800: Operator: 0,0,"AT&T",7

The first parameter indicates that registration is handled by the mobile equipment (modem). The second parameter indicates the format of the third parameter (0 = long alphanumeric, 1 = short alphanumeric, 2= numeric). The third parameter indicates the name of the network. The fourth parameter is 7 for E-UTRAN (LTE-M1) and 9 for E-UTRAN NB-S1 (NB-IoT) mode.

International Mobile Subscriber Identity

Enter the following at the shell.

attr query imsi

A status of zero indicates success. Any other value indicates failure.

query status: 0
<inf> attr: [219] imsi                          '310170833073696'